We see with our eyes – We process what we have seen with our brains.

Our eyes are not just for seeing.  Our eyes are part of a visual system that is responsible for 70% of what is processed by the brain. For instance; a child may be able to read a paragraph but not understand what has been read.
Dr Frank Belgau, worked extensively with Ophthalmic Consultants when he was developing the balance, co-ordination and eye strengthening programme, which is now known as Learning Breakthrough.
He realised that if both eyes are not working together, simultaneously, this has a major impact on learning and sporting ability.
At Learning Breakthrough we develop not only the visual system, but the Vestibular, Auditory and Sensory systems too.  This complete programme enables children and adults to reach their full potential in the classroom, at work, at home and on the sports field.
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