The Learning Breakthrough Programme

The Learning Breakthrough Programme


The science behind the programme.


There are four elements involved in the science of the Learning Breakthrough Programme. 

The first is the function of the vestibular (balance) system.  This is the first sense to be developed when we are babies in the womb. As NASA said in the 1960’s, when researching weightless flight, if the body is not in balance then the mind does not work efficiently. If the vestibular is underdeveloped at this stage then the networks of neural pathways may not integrate correctly.  This lack of integration can lead to visual difficulties where words move about on the page or the person can read but can’t process what is being read, low concentration, fussy eating, can’t get to sleep at night, can’t make friends, retain spellings, gets fixated on things etc; It really just depends upon which pathways are effected as to which symptoms a child or adult will display.


The second element is the cerebellum. The cerebellum receives information from other structures, like the inner ear and vestibular system, and fine-tunes incoming sensorimotor information to achieve smooth movements. When the cerebellum is damaged or not fully developed, individuals can show movements that are erratic or slow, demonstrate an inability to judge distance, have difficulty performing rapid movements, and walk with an unnatural gait.  Although the cerebellum has many responsibilities, its central function is to coordinate and manage motor activities. Balance, coordination, posture, equilibrium and eye movement are all controlled in part by the cerebellum. It also functions to calibrate motor activities such that our movements have a smooth, flowing nature to them.


The third element is hand-eye coordination and right and left hemisphere integration.  If the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing then the two sides of the brain are not integrating effectively.
The fourth element is eye tracking and focus.  If you feel that you can’t focus on a task it means that you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing.  If a child or adult can’t focus and track an object in space then the eyes are not processing the world correctly. This can result in not being able to read or process what has been read, it may mean that the brain is constantly in chaos which makes even simple instructions difficult to follow, the world can seem a very scary place when you can’t read faces and situations.


What happens next?

We’d be delighted to take your booking for a free, 2 hour, evaluation.
At this first appointment an in-depth evaluation, which is free of charge, is completed. This enables you to discuss and identify all of the areas in which you or your child are finding difficulty. The results are recorded and revisited at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. The progress is recorded at each stage allowing you to see the changes as the programme is completed, usually within one year.
Should you wish to start the programme you can take the Learning Breakthrough Kit with you on the day of your appointment.  Please refer to the cost section for further details.
Although the equipment is simple to use, there must be full commitment given by parents to ensure that the exercises are completed daily. Full support will be provided to answer questions, correct equipment set-up and provide encouragement to parents and children throughout the programme and in-between assessments.
The Programme itself consists of a balance and co-ordination exercise per day which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The use of bean bags, a pendulum ball, visual motor stick and super-balls all assist the development of spatial awareness and hand/eye co-ordination. The Belgau Balance Board is essential for the development of the vestibular system and is used with every activity.
The exercises are carried out until you reach your full potential. In simple terms, you will be able to process information efficiently allowing the areas of your life that you currently find frustrating to improve.

This Programme includes the following:

  • High quality, wooden equipment – Please click on the ‘Equipment’ heading above for full details.
  • Instruction handbook
  • Follow-along DVD for ease of use
  • Face to face quarterly assessments plus telephone and email support throughout the year.
  • Each set of equipment is intended for use by the entire family.The cost is not per person.

The Support:

Support is a vital component of this programme. As previously stated, individuals with learning difficulties often feel unable to achieve in life. Through the continuous re-assessment, by your consultant throughout the programme, the child or adult sees their progress as the months pass. They see it on a day to day basis as they perform the exercises with more and more accuracy. A parent will be able to give genuine praise as their child throws and catches a ball for the first time or is able to track a bean bag with their eyes while throwing it from one hand to the other.
Full support will be provided as follows:
Once the Programme has started a support telephone call is made after 1 week and 3 weeks. This ensures that any queries you may have are answered at this early stage.
After 6 weeks, a face to face visit is carried out to check equipment set-up and exercise ability.
At 3, 6, 9 and 12 months the Evaluation is re-assessed to identify and highlight the improvements in the areas that were of concern.
Your consultant will provide advice, support and encouragement to parents and children throughout the one year programme.