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Calling all Teachers!


With frustration levels rising…

Learning Breakthrough can help!


Why do 1 in 5 children have difficulty reaching their full potential?


Common symptoms for students include :-

Disrupting the rest of the class.

Continually forget books and homework

Has ‘meltdowns’ for no apparent reason or show aggressive behaviour.

Can’t copy from the board.

Doesn’t seem to listen or understand instructions.

Can’t retain spellings, slow reading, writing difficulties, numeracy problems.

Unsocial or have difficulty keeping friends.

Have you noticed that the children who are un-coordinated in sport or even just walking/running also have difficulty learning in the classroom?

Or have you noticed that the child who seems to be in their ‘own world’ can’t process new situations quickly and calmly?


At Learning Breakthrough we offer Accredited, CPD half day training courses, at your school, on the many and varied challenges faced by teachers in the classroom.


We provide practical advice on how you can understand the symptoms of Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders and the many children who don’t have a diagnosis but are struggling to unlock their potential.


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