“I FEEL LIKE A COMPLETELY NEW BOY!”“We always knew there was something different about Jack and as he got older certain traits became more apparent. Inability to concentrate, unable to sit still and feet moving constantly (something we affectionately termed ‘happy feet’) were just a few of the characteristics that Jack displayed.A P2 parent/teacher interview brought to light that his teacher also had concerns in these areas that resulted in Jack having difficulty with his school life and school work. After lots of tears and gratitude for the school, support followed a GP referral and an appointment with a Dr specialising in Spectrum Disorders. Our wonderful boy was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Despite us being resistant at first Jack was started on the medication Equasym XL twice a day with the intention of helping to correct the chemical imbalance in his brain. Improvements were soon apparent both at home and at school and Jack was a different boy, a lot more settled and able to concentrate in ways he had never done before. However the unpleasant side of the tablets soon raised their ugly head. Disruption to his sleep pattern, his loss of appetite, constant nausea and he looked sickly. Jack also said he felt different from his school friends as he had to be excused daily from class to take his tablets.

Life continued for the next few years but as parents we were hopeful there was something out there that could help make our son’s daily struggle easier. We were also concerned about the consequences of a teenage son refusing to take his medication!!
A chance mention of Jacks ADD to neighbours pointed us in the direction of the Learning Breakthrough Programme. After lots of research we made an appointment for an initial assessment with Susan Steele. Susan put us right at ease and it was reassuring that someone truly understood what we were going through.

We commenced the programme one year ago and we can honestly say it had been the most emotional but wonderful journey we have ventured upon. Within 3 months of completing 15 minute exercises using an adjustable balance board, bean bags and various balls, twice daily we were noticing wonderful changes within Jack. He was calmer, able to concentrate better and able to control himself and his emotions. School also remarked on the positive progress Jack was making.

The Improvements in Jacks home and school life continued at pace and by the sixth month mark of the programme we as parents felt confident enough to take him of his ADD medication completely.

The Learning Breakthrough Programme has totally changed our lives. It is the most wonderful feeling as a parent to wake up each morning and to not have to worry about our son’s future. The future is certainly bright.

One year of completing the programme and Jack’s life has improved remarkably. He is achieving exceptionally well in school and his teachers are very impressed how focused and well he is working in class. His confidence is growing and he is willing to give the harder work a go, giving him a great sense of satisfaction. He is so proud of himself! He is gaining control of his life and in the words of our 10 year old son “The noise inside my head is no longer there and I feel like a completely new boy”.
Our son Jack is the most beautiful boy inside and out that anyone could wish for. He is loveable, caring and funny and we are so proud of the wonderful young boy he has become despite the obstacles and frustrations he has had to face and overcome.

Our family will be forever grateful for the Learning Breakthrough Programme. We have received wonderful support and understanding from Susan. The scheduled reviews and problem solving ideas made the programme that bit easier and she was always on the end of the phone with invaluable advice. The programme has enriched our lives immensely and has given Jack back control and a new found sense of confidence and self-esteem.
We would urge any parent who is going through what we went through to do the programme with their children. It has been truly life changing!