Success Stories

Dr Anish Anish – Paediatric Consultant recommends Learning Breakthrough
I am happy to recommend Learning Breakthrough which is a complete balance and co-ordination exercise programme that encompasses every aspect a child’s learning and sporting ability.  It is also unique in that it offers 12 months of parental advice, support and guidance.
School principal – “The kids actually ask to do the LB exercises”
We have had great success with the Learning Breakthrough program. We can mark the date we started using the program with one young man (age 11) by looking at his handwriting workbook. We saw a dramatic improvement immediately and saw steady improvement until the end of the workbook. The good handwriting carried over into his other work including his math.
Learning Breakthrough – recommended for auditory processing disorder.
I like to recommend TLB program for kids who have auditory integration deficits. This is a type of auditory processing disorder that results from weak communications between the right and left hemispheres of the brain via a bridge called the corpus callosum. I have noted that these children also frequently have binocular convergence problems, meaning that their eyes do not adduct well.
Learning Breakthrough – A holistic approach.
“The Learning Breakthrough Program has helped many of our patients. What is different about it is it takes a holistic approach. It incorporates all the important sensory processes such as visual, motor, tactile and balance. This allows us to use it with a wide variety of patients.
Anger and frustration has reduced for Dan
In September 2016 our Son, aged 13, was in year 10 at secondary school. He was getting angry and frustrated and generally getting into trouble almost every day.
Our 20 year old Son now has a bright future.
Prior to starting on the Learning Breakthrough programme, our 20 year old Son was what you could probably describe as a lost boy.
Ryan is now a happy boy!
In regards to Ryan we can definitely say that we have a different boy since he started on the Learning breakthrough programme. Before Ryan started the programme he had quite a number of learning and speech difficulties
No more frustration and tears for Sophie.
Our 10 year old Daughter’s mind used to be in chaos. Homework especially proved to be a real challenge. Whenever Sophie came up against something that she didn’t understand she would have a severe frustration tantrum. The homework would have to be cancelled altogether and the whole family was affected for the rest of the evening.
Homework is now a breeze for Maddy!
At age 7 my daughter Maddy was diagnosed with Dyslexia after an Educational Psychologist assessment. She was also referred by her GP to an Occupational Therapist to help with tying her shoe laces, using a knife and fork etc. From P3 she had an IEP which was revised every term. She attended the school SENCO