Success Stories

Anger and frustration has reduced for Dan
In September 2016 our Son, aged 13, was in year 10 at secondary school. He was getting angry and frustrated and generally getting into trouble almost every day.
Our 20 year old Son now has a bright future.
Prior to starting on the Learning Breakthrough programme, our 20 year old Son was what you could probably describe as a lost boy.
Ryan is now a happy boy!
In regards to Ryan we can definitely say that we have a different boy since he started on the Learning breakthrough programme. Before Ryan started the programme he had quite a number of learning and speech difficulties
No more frustration and tears for Sophie.
Our 10 year old Daughter’s mind used to be in chaos. Homework especially proved to be a real challenge. Whenever Sophie came up against something that she didn’t understand she would have a severe frustration tantrum. The homework would have to be cancelled altogether and the whole family was affected for the rest of the evening.
Homework is now a breeze for Maddy!
At age 7 my daughter Maddy was diagnosed with Dyslexia after an Educational Psychologist assessment. She was also referred by her GP to an Occupational Therapist to help with tying her shoe laces, using a knife and fork etc. From P3 she had an IEP which was revised every term. She attended the school SENCO
Our Autistic Son has unlocked – Thanks to Learning Breakthrough.
Thanks to Learning Breakthrough our Autistic son has been able to show emotion in ways we never thought possible. He expresses love, I am regularly covered in kisses and he tells me every day “mummy – I love you so so much”. We always have a good chat at bedtime and recently when I kissed him and told him I loved him he said “mummy – you made my heart grow”.
Sam & Leo’s amazing progress report from Mum, Anna.
Sam and Leo were expected to go up 2 levels in the SATS scores for maths. They went up 4 levels!!!!! Leo is now above average having scored almost full marks in his assessment and Sam in on track for his age for the first time ever! Woo Hoo!!!!!
Ben – Co. Armagh – IEP
'Ben is a well mannered, ,trustworthy and respectful member of class which is reflected in his appointment as a school prefect. His excellent exam results have also been recognised with the class prize award. Well done Ben'!
Jack – Carrickfergus – ADHD medication
Jack – Carrickfergus – ADHD medication
We're delighted!! Since starting the Learning Breakthrough Programme 9 months ago Jack has been able to gradually stop all ADHD medication.