18 Dec 2012
December 18, 2012

Low concentration

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Does your child struggle with low concentration?

It’s a common theme on many school reports and on the majority of evaluations that we carry out for free at Learning Support Services NI.

Why?    We have found that many of the people that we evaluate have difficulty focusing on an object at close range.  They find tracking that object up, down and left to right very difficult. Some can’t focus on the object at all or the eyes may flick when tracking from side to side.

Having difficulty physically focusing on an object can mean they will have difficulty focusing on homework, it’s impossible to retain spellings, their short term memory can be poor etc; all of which leads to frustration in the classroom and at home.

The exercises within the Learning Breakthrough Programme are designed, in conjunction with Ophthalmic Consultants, to strengthen the muscles around the eyes, improving the ability to physically focus and in-turn improve concentration levels.

Contact us if you feel that you or your child need help with low concentration.