24 Mar 2013
March 24, 2013


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Parents who contact us are frustrated as they can find lots of information on Dyslexia but very little on Dyscalculia.  They are baffled that their smart child can’t remember times tables, can’t work out if a sum is addition or subtraction etc.

Dyscalculia is sometimes referred to as number blindness or number Dyslexia.  In the same way as some one with Dyslexia has difficulty reading, processing, storing and retrieving letters, people with Dyscalculia can have the same difficulties with numbers, sequencing, direction, time etc.

Here at Learning Support Services NI we have seen many children over the last 3 years ‘just get it’.  Children who have started secondary school in the fourth class down have risen to the top stream and been able to attain results of 90% to 100% in their maths exams where before it just wouldn’t go in.

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