Our 10 year old Daughter’s mind used to be in chaos. Homework especially proved to be a real challenge. Whenever she came up against something that she didn’t understand she would have a severe frustration tantrum. The homework would have to be cancelled altogether and the whole family was affected for the rest of the evening.

In the mornings, if her Dad asked her to do a couple of things she would fly off the handle, cover her head with her hands and say “I can’t do all of that, stop talking!”

Apart from all of this going on she found it impossible to read, spell, was very disorganised, had no concept of time or the need to hurry up. Her writing was painfully slow, with no spaces, letters all different sizes and words moved about on the page. She was very easily distracted, tired all the time, she found it hard to get to sleep which added to the tiredness and in speech, she knew what she wanted to say but just couldn’t get the words out. All in all she was very unhappy and constantly feeling frustrated.

Our Daughter has been doing the Learning Breakthrough Programme for 6 months now and we have noticed magnificent differences in that time; the chaos has gone so she feels calmer overall. In her words, she can now think straight! Recently she asked her friends to have a reading out loud competition – she felt confident enough to try. Her friends all agreed that her reading was the best!

The most significant change is that she is in control of her emotions. Even though she still gets frustrated at times, she is able to go away to her room, sort it out in her head, calm herself down and come back and do the task she was asked to do without any fuss.

In addition she is willing to take on more school work, she no longer gets lost in her speech, she has quickened up in her writing, getting dressed, doing her homework and is generally processing information at a normal speed. Her reading is fluent and she has mastered her times tables. (She used to need time to work them out on her fingers).

We are more than pleased with her progress and we are very happy that we took on the programme.